Zero Waste Tip: Iced Coffee & Tea

Zero waste iced coffee & tea

It's that time of year: so hot that a cold beverage full of clinking ice cubes just feels right. If you're as fond of iced coffee and iced tea as we are, don't worry - it's easy to make the switch from plastic cups and straws to a zero waste alternative! A thermos keeps your drink cold for hours, and a metal straw is reusable again and again, unlike the plastic varieties.

How to do it: Simply hand your thermos over to the barista when you order your drink with a smile and a "Can you please put that in my thermos?" Make a note of the size of the thermos - 12 oz. and 16 oz. are the most common - so they know how much to charge you. Then, as you walk away, pop in your own straw! Done.

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