Zero Waste Tip: Compost on the Go

Zero Waste Tip: Compost on the go

If you already compost at home, this month consider taking it a step further: compost while you're out and about. Of we don't mean building a backyard composter in the middle of the street, or pitching your apple core over your shoulder into the bushes and hoping for the best. Instead, consider bringing a small jar, bag, or plastic container with you and popping any compostable materials into it to add to your existing compost once you get home.

This ends up being the perfect place to tuck paper napkins, toothpicks, fruit peels, pistachio shells, sandwich crusts, and any other organic waste you make throughout the day. Once you make remembering your compost container a habit, this is such an easy change to make.

And, if you don't compost yet at home but would like to (or if you're looking into compost options for a restaurant or workplace), you can visit the "Where to Compost" section of our website, which outlines the different local options. Compost on, friends.

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