ZWC Update: Recycle By City Partnership

Switch to cloth napkins for a zero waste home | Zero Waste Chicago x Recycle by City

We're thrilled to share that you can now find some of our simple zero waste tips over at Recycle By City! Recycle by City is the definitive guide to what you can and can't recycle in Chicago, and we're partnering with them over the next few months to share how to take your green efforts a step beyond recycling.

First up, we've got a blog post on their site that details a super easy step anyone can take to get a tiny bit closer to zero waste: how to make the jump from paper napkins, which aren't recyclable, to cloth! We're sharing how to find inexpensive cloth napkins, how to make the switch to cloth doable if you have a family, and more. Head on over to the Recycle by City site to read the full post, and stay tuned for more posts in the coming months.

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