Zero Waste Tip: Repair Something

Zero Waste Tip: Mend Something | Zero Waste Chicago

We've all been there: a useful item of ours breaks, rips, or comes apart and our first instinct is to sigh and put it in the trash or donate pile. Next time that happens, try and ask yourself if the item can be mended, and if you don't feel confident doing it yourself, is there someone else that can (like the tailor at a dry cleaners)? Is it a rip or hole in your sweater that could be sewn? Could super glue extend the life of a household item a bit longer? Can you contact the product's manufacturer and ask if they offer repairs?

It's extremely satisfying to give items a new life, especially if it's something you really like. You're forgoing the need to go out and buy a replacement and preventing an item from going to the landfill. You might even learn a new skill along the way!